Dr. Asma Naimi

From an early age, my family instilled in me a passion for learning and a deep understanding of my responsibility towards others and society as a whole. My curiosity and entrepreneurial attitude has drawn my attention to innovative and empowering practices in the social change field. I truly believe that everyone has a gift to share with this world and I want to make sure we make it possible for people’s talent and potential to blossom. I envision a world where we celebrate each other’s uniqueness while being truly connected. This has been my main driver to found Changemaker Studio: a place where knowledge and creativity come together to create social impact.

I aim to empower changemakers by connecting my academic work with my experience in the social change field. I worked as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and I’ve completed my PhD (cum laude) at Esade Business School, Institute for Social Innovation, in Barcelona on the role of social entrepreneurship in tackling large scale societal challenges, such as migration, poverty, inequality, and injustice. My research focuses on the direct actions of social entrepreneurs to create impact and their storytelling practices to create awareness and mobilize support. I am a (guest)lecturer at various universities. Because of my drive to create social impact, I always embed my work in practice, working for almost a decade as an advisor on international development, social entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility for several private sector, governmental, and social organizations (e.g., PwC, Orange Corners, Ashoka) and implementing projects across the world (e.g., Middle-East, Africa, Asia, Latin America). This wide range of cross-sector and cross-cultural experiences has strengthened my believe that we need to foster our interconnection as we need everyone in society to create a better world.


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