Storytelling for Social Change

The Storytelling for Social Change Guidebook

Learn how storytelling is essential to create awareness about societal challenges and to make an impact. We combine insights from ancient methods, groundbreaking artists and the latest social movements. In our upcoming guidebook, we illustrate the main principles of our Storytelling for Social Change method and connect these with unforgettable stories from leading changemakers around the world as best-practices.

Own Your Story Workshops

We are our stories. That’s why it’s important to embrace our personal journeys and learn to shape our own narratives, especially if our identities are challenged. In this workshop, we use the Own Your Story method to guide our participants through key personal, community, and societal events that have shaped their lives. Deepening this understanding can be grounding and lead to personal change. We provide our participants a safe space to share their life story with others. This act of declaration will empower our future changemakers.