Social Entrepreneurship at the Margins

Through the development and implementation of knowledge-based practices on social entrepreneurship, we aim to:

  • support changemakers from marginalized and disadvantaged communities; and
  • build a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem that is able to leverage grassroots solutions to complex societal challenges.  

Current narratives and practices in the social change field often place people from these communities as passive “beneficiaries” in need of help or compassion instead of active changemakers who are eager and able to contribute. Changemakers at the margins lack a seat at the table. At the same time, there is evidence that these changemakers are both creative and resilient, and that they develop effective and humane solutions by having a comprehensive view of on the ground realities.

We build on the talent and potential of these changemakers to address issues, for example related to poverty, migration, gender, inclusion, and sustainability, and collaborate with key institutional actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem to amplify their impact in these areas, and bring about systemic change.  

Ecosystem for impact