At Changemaker Studio we believe that knowledge and creativity together are needed to address the world’s most pressing societal challenges, leaving no one behind. Knowledge is the foundation from which great ideas grow and with creativity we shape our personal pathways to let those ideas flourish. By connecting both we can create actual, inclusive impact that enables everyone to follow their dreams.


By empowering changemakers from all walks of life with knowledge-based practices on social impact that are:


We believe in doing high-quality research that truly matters to our changemakers. That’s why we actively build a bridge between academia and practice. 


We believe that ‘it takes a village’ and everyone in society should be able to benefit from valuable knowledge to improve their impact. That’s why we pro-actively share and implement our work in partnerships that build a more inclusive social change field.


We believe in the power of creativity to create awareness about the most pressing societal challenges we face in the world today. That’s why we choose our words wisely to make knowledge not only understandable, but vivid and inspiring.